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Simple &

School therapy program

Hey school SLP!  You can create freedom and flexibility for yourself by implementing our simple and efficient  school tele/therapy strategies.

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take your school therapy and teletherapy to the next level!

Are you having a hard time getting students to attend and stay engaged during therapy?


Are you worried about having to go back to commuting and traveling school to school to see students when school goes back to normal? 

Do you feel ineffective and burned out with traditional therapy models?

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does this sounds familiar?

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You’ve been doing teletherapy with your school students because of COVID and you enjoy it. But with school returning to normal, you’re concerned that you’ll have to go back to the old way of doing face-to-face therapy. 
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You have long drives through traffic to go to your next school for evaluations and therapy.
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You've been struggling with keeping students engaged and getting parents and students to "show up" to teletherapy sessions at home for traditional session times. 
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You spend much of your time planning group session activities to target each kids' goals and attention needs, leaving you feeling tired and ineffective by the end of a session.
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I've been there!

I’ve definitely been there in my 15 years as a school SLP. I was burned out with long driving commutes and having less flexible work schedules. I felt ineffective with the traditional therapy models and had headaches after long group sessions. 
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You don't have to feel

ineffective& tired anymore!

Here is a simple and efficient school therapy program to deliver face-to-face therapy and teletherapy.  You get templates, scripts, strategies, and coaching that you can implement immediately. You’ll feel empowered to create the freedom and flexibility in your scheduling and commuting while facilitating the results your students need. 

Now enrolling for the next live course cohort starting June 30, 2021.


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Imagine decreasing planning time for session activities and time fillers that keep students attention and manage negative behaviors. 
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Imagine decreasing your commute to work.
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Imagine decreasing travel between work sites.
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Imagine increasing the time you have available for demanding paperwork.
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Imagine having more freedom and flexibility to create a schedule that works for
teachers, students, and most of all, you!
You can do all of these things without having to change jobs to work for a teletherapy company, leave the school district (and benefits) you enjoy, or feel the pressure of starting your own practice. 

you decide!

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case study

Hear from one of my amazing clients, Mia Martin. She was just like you, struggling with scheduling a mass amount of students for speech and language therapy. After participating in coaching in Efficient Tele/therapy with me, she is now able to enjoy free time and increased practice with her students. Click the video to listen to her full story.

in this program you will learn

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I felt burned out from my long commute to work and traveling from school to school. After group therapy sessions, I left feeling tired, ineffective, and inefficient. I didn't want to leave my job with the school district so I did some investigating and created and tested strategies to develop this program. I felt empowered after getting my program approved to implement. I felt validated when teachers and parents were happy with it.  I felt the freedom and flexibility that I now have in my work life balance.


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Module 2-Simple _ Efficient teletherapy
Module 1-Simple _ Efficient teletherapy
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MODULE 1: Learn strategies that will help you decrease planning time for session activities, headaches, and lighten your caseload by discharging students. These strategies are for face-to-face and teletherapy. You will get templates of statements and documents to use.  
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MODULE 2: Learn strategies for using teletherapy as a tool to decrease driving and commuting, and increase time for paperwork. You will get templates of documents to use. 
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MODULE 3: Learn strategies to pull it together and execute this program—including how to be the authority in setting up a teletherapy program in your school district. You will get checklists and templates. 
In addition: You will get coaching support from me and other members of the community in a Facebook group and Live calls.
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The next course cohort starts June 15, 2021 so enroll now

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Instead of researching, developing, and testing these strategies yourself, I have done it and put it in a neat little package that you can implement immediately for an initial launch price of $299
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You are a school SLP who wants to do teletherapy. 
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You are a school SLP who doesn't want to do teletherapy. 
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You want to decrease planning time for session activities. 
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You want to lighten your caseload by discharging students promptly.
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You want to decrease the commute to work by working remotely. 
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You want to decrease travel between work sites.
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You want to increase time for paperwork.
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You want to better serve homebound/homeschool students within your schedule.
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You want to be able to deliver services during in-school and remote learning easily.
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You need working options due to a disability that limits your driving and walking around the schools.

You want a fresh new way to work and meet you and your students’ needs.


IF you are still reading and something is holding you back, THEN here are answers to your questions.

How much time will it take to set up?

You can start using these strategies immediately. It’ll take as long as it takes for you to arrange IEP meetings.

So I can do teletherapy with my school students who are seated in school during the school day?


What if I don't want to spend money on virtual platforms and digital therapy materials?

You may not have to as I give suggestions for minimizing your out-of-pocket costs to set it up.

Will you show me how to use high-tech and fancy digital therapy materials?

No, this program gives simple and easy-to-use activity suggestions.

What if my school district says they won't permit virtual education once things get back to normal?

You can still implement some of the strategies and get the benefits of the program. You can also submit a proposal using the templates provided to explain how it would work for the students and teachers.