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"We aim to strengthen speech and language skills by empowering our clients to communicate confidently and effectively".


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We partner with schools and intermediate care facilities to contract services such as speech/language therapy, evaluations, consultation, bedside feeding assessments (in facility), AAC device programming and consultation, and compliant paperwork.


We coach school SLPs on efficient workload/caseload strategies; and create content, courses, and products.


We provide communication services to individual clients (pediatric and adult) to build confident communication skills. 

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speechology principles

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Our service providers are culturally competent.
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Our services are dynamic, research-based, and mindful. 
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Our services are efficient and compliant with eligibility and funding guidelines. 
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Kendra T. Allison is a licensed speech-language pathologist, teletherapist, School SLP coach and course creator, and owner of Speechology communication services PLLC based in Charlotte NC. She has been practicing and contracting speech pathology services for 15+ years in schools, private home therapy, and care facilities. 
Ms. Allison created a patient-centered teletherapy program that she served pediatric clients by creating a welcoming, individualistic and creative virtual learning experience for children. The SLP-centered coaching program would equip SLP professionals with skills to implement supplemental virtual sessions into their respective practices. 

Kendra is very skilled and enthusiastic about using research-based strategies, resourcefully creating digital activities, focusing on the patients communications needs, interacting in a welcoming and fun and manner, and facilitating relevant speech goals. 


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Ms. Allison is very resourceful and aware of her students’ individual needs. She strives to provide the best possible services to all of the students she serves.  She is very efficient when managing student schedules, providing services, and maintaining all documentation requirements. ~Compliance Specialist
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She is very thorough with her analysis of students, developing their individual goals, conveying her course of action to parents, and executing speech services. The majority of our students have completed their goals and been dismissed from special education/speech language services. ~School Principal
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Ms Allison is very pleasant to work with and provides all the needs that one wants in a speech language pathologist. ~ICF facility administrator
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Regarding Kendra Allison’s teletherapy program and therapy style, I love the program she does with our self-contained students. I think the short sessions work well for the children because of their short attention span. All of the parents have commented on how much the kids are starting to talk more. Keep up the great work. Thank you!  ~Self-contained teacher
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These brief sessions really helped my child to stay focused and less frustrated. He knew exactly how much time he had to work and worked hard on meeting his goals.  ~Parent
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Can I work with you in another state?

Currently, we are licensed in North Carolina which means that we can do speech therapy with clients who live in North Carolina. We can do adult coaching and consultation with more states in the continenental US. Stay tuned for announcements about our expansion into other states.

How does teletherapy work in a session?

We would set up a link for each client to access the session on a secure platform. The session has to be in real-time with working microphones and cameras in order to be billable. We would work with you on any troublehsooting questions you may have.

Are you taking insurance?

We are not taking insurance at this time. We accept cash, credit, and check. We do offer packages of payment plans for services.